About us

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Currently, we rank with the very top companies offering rental of work platforms in the Czech Republic, mainly thanks to our comprehensive services, responsiveness to customers with a broad offering that includes more than 550 machines of leading world work platform manufacturers.

We offer a comprehensive range of work platform types. Our rental features mainly low average age of machines and excellent condition in which we keep our technology through regular checks and professional repairs. The network of our branches with advanced technical facilities covers the entire Czech Republic. Thus, we are ready to meet our clients’ acute needs and requirements in a very short time. We transport work platforms and other equipment pursuant to our clients’ requirements anywhere in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. We are able to transport up to eight machines to a particular place at a time.

A professional and experienced team of service personnel in our perfectly equipped centers attracted to us a number of companies with their own platforms. They are particularly interested in the precise servicing, careful inspections and quick repairs of machines.


Our company started its activity in 2001. From the very beginning, we have jointly been doing our best to find the best way for our customers. This aim is achieved primarily by listening to our customers. As a result, we can offer work platforms tailored to their needs.

Many positive responses and a growing number of loyal customers confirm to us that we are on the right track. We are going to continue the journey we have started. We believe that thanks to continuous improvement of our services and expanding the range of rentals with the latest work platforms, we will remain a reliable partner in solving all problems relating to work at height.

Viktor BĚLOV Company Executive