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DL 30 (UJ1DL30XX8DK13458)

30-3 (160318)

In category Trailer-mounted

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The values in the column labeled associated with working diagram.

Manufacturer Denka-Lift
Type Trailer-mounted
Field of application Reinforced ground
Design Telescopic
Working height - radius (m) A 30
Maximum outreach (m) B 11.6
Cage load capacity (kg) 200
Total machine weight (kg) 3500
Drive battery / diesel / 230
Cage dimensions (m) D x C 1,2 x 0,7
Cage extension - prolongation (m) E 2
Setting dimensions (m) F x G 4,4 x 4,3
Clearance width (m) H (I) 1,72
Clearance height (m) J 2,14
Length (m) K 8,9
Levelling supports 4x