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DINOlift 160XTB II

The entry model in the emission-free XTB II series from Finnish manufacturer Dinolift allows you to work at heights of up to 16 metres, even in sloping terrain. More...

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The entry-level model of the emission-free XTB II series from the Finnish manufacturer Dinolift allows you to work at a height of up to 16 meters, even on sloping terrain.

Emission-free operation is ensured by a set of batteries that drive the boom and the carriage. The machine is also equipped with a petrol unit, which can be used for longer crossings or for emergency recharging of the machine in order to store energy in the batteries. Thanks to the articulated-telescopic construction, endless rotation and a platform with the possibility of 90 ° rotation, the machine covers a large working area. Fixed positioning even on sloping terrain and the necessary stability is ensured by 4 independently controlled supports. The platform has comfortable control via a removable controller. Thanks to the mentioned low weight, the trailer platforms are suitable for quick and easy transport. The safety of the worker is ensured by a sophisticated system of double locking, hydraulic locks and overflow valves.

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Working height 16 m
Horizontal outreach up 9,1 m
Load capacity of the platform 215 kg
Platform dimensions 0,7 x 1,3 m
Platform rotation yes, 180°
Terrain Light and slightly sloping terrain
Construction Articulated-telescopic
Dimensions at installation 3,8 x 4,2 m
Total machine weight 2 195 kg
Transit width 1,80 m
Transit height 2,31 m
Lenght 6,15 m
Propulsion Battery
Manufacturer Dino-lift
Maximum load capacity 215 kg


Portable power generator (230 V) 500 Kč / day
Load distribution plates (6 pcs set) 500 Kč / day
Safety harness 1099 Kč / pc.


Operation of a self-propelled platform (Mon-Sun 0:00-24:00) 490 Kč / hour
Modification against excessive dirtiness 5000 Kč
Introduction to machine operation Price included
Phone consultation in case of a problem Price included
Mobile service unit operation in case of a breakdown Price included