DINOlift 210XT

Perfect working range, 21 meters up and up to 11,7 meters to the side with a total weight of only 2440 kilograms. Covers a large working area. More...

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Perfect working range, 21 meters up and up to 11,7 meters to the side with a total weight of only 2440 kilograms. Covers a large working area.

Thanks to the articulated-telescopic construction, endless rotation and a platform with the possibility of rotation by 90 °, the machine covers a large working area. The value of the side reach depends on the load of the platform, at 80kg it is 11,7m, at 120kg then 10.3m and 8,3m at full load. Stability is ensured by 4 independently controlled supports and a built-in stabilizer. The platform has its own travel and it is possible to set it up on a sloping terrain. Thanks to the mentioned low weight, the trailer platforms are suitable for quick and easy transport. The safety of the worker is ensured by a sophisticated system of double locking, hydraulic locks and overflow valves. We also have a version with comfortable travel control using a removable controller.
Dinolift 210 XT is suitable for construction work where weight and dimensions need to be taken into account.

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Working height 21 m
Reach 21 m
Horizontal outreach up 11,7 m
Load capacity of the platform 215 kg
Platform dimensions 1,3 x 0,7 m
Platform rotation yes, 90°
Use Repair and washing of facades , Maintenance and pruning of greenery , Roof repair and replacement , Film technique , Repair and cleaning of gutters , Family house and garden
Terrain Light and slightly sloping terrain
Construction Articulated-telescopic
Dimensions at installation 3,9 x 4,3 m
Total machine weight 2 440 kg
Transit width 1,93 m
Transit height 2,29 m
Lenght 7,8 m
Propulsion Gasoline/AC 230V
Leveling supports 4x
Manufacturer Dino-lift


Portable power generator (230 V) 500 Kč / den
Load distribution plates (6 pcs set) 500 Kč / den
Safety harness 1099 Kč / kus


Operation of a self-propelled platform (Mon-Sun 0:00-24:00) 490 Kč / hodina
Modification against excessive dirtiness 5000 Kč
Introduction to machine operation Price included
Phone consultation in case of a problem Price included
Mobile service unit operation in case of a breakdown Price included

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