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Genie GS 12 RT (GS 3384 RT)

GS 3384 RT je o 16 cm užší, než GS 3390 RT. Nosnost koše 1 134 kg zůstala zachována. Výkonná dieselová nůžková plošina do obtížného terénu staveniště s pracovní výškou až 12,06 m. More...

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GS 3384 RT is 16 cm narrower than GS 3390 RT. The carrying capacity of the basket of 1 134 kg remained. Powerful diesel scissor platform for difficult terrain with a working height of up to 12,06 m.

The Super Deck work platform can be extended to both sides to obtain a platform length of more than 7 meters. The huge work basket can accommodate up to 7 workers and has a socket (230 V) for connecting hand tools. Thanks to the 4×4 drive and the differential lock, the machine manages movement in the difficult terrain of the construction site.

Work at height is possible with the use of supports (compensation of longitudinal tilt up to 7° and transverse tilt up to 12°) and on flat ground even with retracted supports. Even at the maximum working height, it is possible to travel at a speed of 1,1 km/h. The outer turning radius is 5,94 meters and the maximum grade that the machine can handle is 50%. Control is easy and proportional. To reduce the clearance height, it is possible to simply lower the railing around the perimeter of the entire work basket and reach a clearance height of 2 meters.

GS 12 RT (GS 3384 RT) meets all strict international safety standards and regulations.


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Working height 12,06 m
Horizontal outreach 1,52 m
Load capacity of the platform 1 134 kg
Platform dimensions 3,98 (7,38) x 1,83 m
Platform extension 1 x 1,52; 1 x 1,22 m
Use Exterior
Terrain Difficult terrain
Construction Scissor
Dimensions at installation 4,88 x 2,13 m
Total machine weight 6 616 kg
Transit width 2,13 m
Transit height 2,68 (2,0) m
Lenght 4,88 m
Propulsion Diesel
Chassis 4x4 with a differential
Leveling supports 4 x
Manufacturer Genie


Portable power generator (230 V) 500 Kč / day
Load distribution plates (6 pcs set) 500 Kč / day
Built in starting battery charger Price included
Safety harness 1099 Kč / pc.


Remote machine diagnostics Price included
Operation of a self-propelled platform (Mon-Sun 0:00-24:00) 490 Kč / hour
Introduction to machine operation Price included
Modification against excessive dirtiness 5000 Kč
Phone consultation in case of a problem Price included
Mobile service unit operation in case of a breakdown Price included