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MB Atego 4x4 GSR B220TJ

Off-road special on Mercedes-Benz Atego 4x4 chassis. The telescopic boom has a movable JIB arm and a swivel basket. Maximum working height 22 metres. More...

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Off-road special on Mercedes-Benz Atego 4×4 chassis. The telescopic boom has a movable JIB arm and a swivel basket. Maximum working height 22 metres.

Compact machine on automotive chassis with excellent ground clearance. The supports follow the shape of the car and a 2,5 metre wide area is sufficient for positioning. The lateral reach of the GSR B220TJ is dependent on the working basket load – the maximum value is 13,2 metres (with 80 kilograms in the basket) and automatically reduces to 10,5 metres at full load (250 kilograms). The levelling of the basket floor is automatic, the control in the work basket is fine and proportional and protected by a non-conductive cover. The JIB arm is vertically movable at 130° intervals and the boom is capable of 450° rotation.

The aerial work platform complies with strict safety regulations and international standards. The operation is monitored by a system for sensing and evaluating the boom’s knocking torques, and the movements are switched off in the event of unauthorised tilting.

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Working height 22 m
Horizontal outreach up 13,2 m
Load capacity of the platform 250 kg
Platform dimensions 1,4 x 0,7 m
Platform rotation yes, 90° + 90°
Terrain Difficult terrain
Construction Telescopic
Dimensions at installation 7,35 x 2,55 m
Total machine weight 7 425 kg
Transit width 2,55 m
Transit height 3,42 m
Lenght 7,35 m
Propulsion Diesel
Chassis 4x4 with differencial
Leveling supports 4 x (kopírující tvar vozu)
Manufacturer GSR
Chassis manufacturer Mercedes-Benz


Spreader plates under supports Price included
Portable power generator (230 V) 500 Kč / day
Insulated work basket and double insulation of the boom Price included
Carabines on the bom Price included
Demarcation cones kit Price included
Massive beams for sloping terrain leveling Price included
Safety harness 1099 Kč / pc.


Operation of a truck-mounted aerial platform Price included
Mobile service unit operation in case of a breakdown Price included