Our special DT25 SPYDER was created for interior and exterior work in large halls. It has a tracked travel and can be operated remotely! More...

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The DT25 SPYDER platform was specially created for indoor and outdoor work in large halls – airports, shopping malls, factories and other spacious buildings. Thanks to the compact design of the work platform, it is possible to easily adjust the passage width of only 80 cm, and the removable platform can also be used for work in hard-to-reach places.

The DT25 SPYDER work platform has a crawler travel and can also be controlled remotely. Its working height of the platform is 25 meters. At a load of 120 kilograms, the lateral reach is 11,5 meters, at full load it is limited to 9 meters for safety reasons. The machine will also allow a negative range of 5 meters below ground level.

The work platform can be easily replaced with a crane hook with a load capacity of 260 kilograms.

The work platform meets strict safety regulations and international standards. The platform’s protection system – hydraulic locks, pressure relief valves, double protection of electrical and hydraulic elements – ensures perfect safety of the worker in the platform and the personnel on the ground.


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Working height 25 m
Reach 25 m
Horizontal outreach up 11,5 m
Load capacity of the platform 230 kg
Platform dimensions 1,4 x 0,7 m
Platform extension Ne m
Platform rotation No
Use Interior assembly , Film technique
Terrain Reinforced flat surface
Construction Articulated-telescopic
Dimensions at installation 3,7 x 3,6 (2,5) m
Total machine weight 2 950 kg
Transit width 1,15 (0,8) m
Transit height 1,98 m
Lenght 4,92 m
Propulsion Diesel/AC 230V
Chassis crowler
Leveling supports 4x
Manufacturer Cela


Portable power generator (230 V) 500 Kč / den
Crane mode adapter with hook (260 kg) Na výžadaní
Crane lifting strap 1 t / 3 m (2 pcs) 200 Kč / den
Crane lifting strap 1 t / 5 m (2 pcs) 200 Kč / den
Load distribution plates (6 pcs set) 500 Kč / den
Safety harness 1099 Kč / kus


Remote machine diagnostics Price included
Operation of a self-propelled platform (Mon-Sun 0:00-24:00) 490 Kč / hodina
Introduction to machine operation Price included
Modification against excessive dirtiness 5000 Kč
Phone consultation in case of a problem Price included
Mobile service unit operation in case of a breakdown Price included

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