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DK 25


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Platform DK 25 it is used for: Billboards, advertisements, Cleaning gutters, Cutting branches, Erection of interior, Exterior assembly, Film, Repairs and cleaning facades, Repairs and installation of lighting, Roof repairs

The values in the column labeled associated with working diagram.

Manufacturer Denka-Lift
Type Trailer-mounted
Field of application Reinforced ground
Design Telescopic
Working height - radius (m) A 25
Maximum outreach (m) B 11.4
Cage load capacity (kg) 200
Total machine weight (kg) 2450
Drive aku / 230 V
Cage dimensions (m) D x C 1,2 x 0,7
Cage extension - prolongation (m) E -
Setting dimensions (m) F x G 3,9 x 3,9
Clearance width (m) H (I) 1,685
Clearance height (m) J 2,11
Length (m) K 9,07
Levelling supports 4x