Aerial work platform rental specialist
Repair shop

We will repair your machines

We offer professional repair shop, mobile maintenence/repair unit and battery regeneration for aerial platforms and manipulators.

Repair shop


Fully equipped repair shop center SICO Jenštejn (Prague) with professionals in the field of working platforms.

  • Regular annual inspections of the platforms
  • Machine inspection (electro/stroke)
  • Repairs of platforms of small and large scale
  • Change of operating fluids (hydraulic and engine oils), including their ecological disposal
  • Complete hydraulic service, including the production of hydraulic hoses to measure
  • Complete service of diesel engines
  • Oil purification

Mobile maintenence/repair unit


Fully equipped mobile maintenence/repair units able to go out into the field immediately. The mobile maintenence/repair unit is available on weekdays from 7 am to 4.30 pm, we also offer the option of a paid non-stop mobile service.

  • Immediate solution of an emergency situation
  • Service vehicles with coverage throughout the Czech Republic
  • Stock of the most used spare parts
  • Minor repairs, maintenance and replacement of operating charges at the place of lease
  • Complete hydraulic service, including the production of hydraulic hoses to measure

Battery regeneration


Over time and especially due to incorrect handling, the efficiency of batteries decreases. The so-called sulfation occurs, when the electrode surfaces are covered with a coating of lead sulphate (PbSO4), which prevents electrochemical reactions in the battery. The main features of sulfation include reduced capacity, increased plate volume, higher charging voltage with a rapid rise, higher electrolyte heating during charging.
We achieve the highest battery efficiency with a desulphation (regeneration) program as part of regular annual machine maintenance.
In the long term, this will significantly extend the life of batteries.
We strongly recommend that you desulfate (regenerate) the batteries after any mishandling (leaving the battery discharged, not recharging the battery, deep discharge).

  • We use modern equipment achieving high efficiency
  • We measure the electrolyte density and voltage on charged batteries (after 2 to 5 hours)
  • We will subject the battery to a stress test – we will find out the capacity
  • We determine if desulfation (regeneration) makes sense
  • Desulphation (regeneration) takes 72 hours